PB (aka Peter Bichan) is cycling the length of NZ this summer to raise funds for a new kitchen at Capernwray Bible School

3,000KMs to cycle for $70,000

Fuelled by pies, dehydrated meals and chocolate, sleeping in cabins and in his tent, PB will pedal his trusty mountain bike 100-150km/day down the length of NZ, with all his gear... over the heat of summer 2021. 

Distance to travel: 3000km = 1864 miles
Total altitude gained: 35,000m = 114,829 feet (Over 4x the height of Mt Everest).

PB's Epic Ride on-the-go

Started: 22 JAN 2021. Finished: 16 FEB 2021
Goal: NZ$70,000  

PB's Latest Ride Blogs

Reflections after cycling the length of NZ

All good things, they say, come to an end and so does this ride. I've cleaned my bike and put my gear away, the washing is done and the wind down rides are happening and I'll start dealing with the

Day 25: Mossburn to Bluff

The route for the last day of this trip: Mossburn to Bluff Distance 135km. No pies but a lovely bowl of soup.  It was lovely to spend the evening with Colin & Lynette. Being in a home makes packin

Day 24: Arrowtown to Mossburn

Arrowtown to Mossburn via Queenstown & across Lake Wakatipu. Distance 139km biking. Ascent 1261m. 1 pie at Ferg's Pastries, Queenstown. Best yet! The TSS Earnslaw was due to sail at noon from

Day 23: Lake Hawea to Arrowtown

Lake Hawea to Arrowtown Distance 78km. Ascent 1056m. No pies. The Lake Hawea Family Fishing Classic got off to an early start with the sound of vehicles towing boats down to the launch ramp,

Day 22: Lake Paringa to Lake Hawea

The route for Day 22: Lake Paringa to Lake Hawea Distance 180km. Ascent 2041m. Calories used according to Strava 6429cal Pies 1 at Makarora. Best yet! The decision to stay at Lake Paringa was an

Day 21: Franz Joseph to Lake Paringa

The route for Day 21 (three weeks in!): Franz Joseph to Lake Paringa.  Distance 97km. Ascent 974m. No pies today. I was woken from my slumber at some unearthly hour with the noise of my bike

Day 20: Ross to Franz Joseph

Day 20: Ross to Franz Joseph Distance 108km. Ascent 808m. Pies 1 in Harihari 9/10 Today's forecast wasn't great, but it wasn't meant to be windy. I procrastinated too long so didn't leave Ross

Day 19: Kumara to Ross

The route for Day 19, Kumara to Ross. Distance 103km. Ascent 1159m. Weather - Rain heavy for a time, with gusty northeasterlies. Showers later. In some ways it is easy to make an early start when

Day 18: Reefton to Kumara

Reefton to Kumara. Distance: 133km. Ascent: 1604m Pies: 1 at Ikamatua, very average, but needed 5/10. I had heard that the first part of today's ride was a challenge so was a bit apprehensive

Day 17: Murchison to Reefton

The route for Day 17: Murchison to Reefton Distance: 120km. Ascent: 1349m. The Lazy Cow backpackers where I stayed is clearly feeling the lack of international travellers. Apart from the Japanese w

Day 15 & 16: Nelson to Murchison

Distance  10 +146km. Ascent 1467m. Pies: 1 from mum & 1 at Wakefield. While I felt that I could carry on, and with rain forecast in a few days time, it was tempting to hit the road without a

Day 14: Picton to Nelson

Today's route is Picton to Nelson Distance 99km. Altitude gained 1680m. 1 pie in Pelorus, 8/10 After sitting on the ferry for 3 hours then a relaxing evening with Iona, my sister in Blenheim, I'm

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30 days - 3000km - Cycling NZ

We have been blessed with a gift that can get the project started, but we will have a shortfall.  To meet this, the director of Capernwray Bible School, Peter Bichan (PB) has volunteered to undertake a fundraising bike ride the length of NZ.  Starting at Cape Reinga and winding his way through the country using highways, gravel roads & mountain bike tracks; PB will make his way to Bluff at the bottom of the South Island. 

This 3000km jaunt is planned to take under 30 days and about 6kg off his body weight!

Sponsors supporting PB's 3000

Huge thanks goes out to the sponsors that are helping support this epic fundraising ride.

Follow PB's Journey

PB will be updating his blog about his journey right here!
He'll be carrying a tracker device as he makes progress cycling down New Zealand this summer. If you'd like to reach out to PB, email him here.

Sponsor per km!

You can sponsor PB via a set amount per kilometre he cycles, or choose your own total amount. Pop your details in the form, and PB will follow up with you when he's completed his cycling mission!  Please note all dollar amounts are in NZ Dollars. Thanks for your support!
Check out some fun facts about the length of the ride here.

PB's 3000 | Cycling the length of NZ
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