New Kitchen Plans

There is a real need to renovate the aging kitchen facilities on the Monavale campus in Cambridge. Now is an ideal time to start fundraising whilst Covid-19 has temporarily closed Capernwray Bible School.

Our last chef, Dean has done an amazing job over the years in a kitchen that has not been designed to cater for the large numbers we regularly have on-site. Not only are we becoming non code-compliant with the flooring and shelving but there are also some current pain points: lack of space, terrible work flow, a chiller that is too small and various surfaces are not fit for purpose.

A copy of the NEW concept plans are shared below the current kitchen photos. 

We are aiming to raise NZ$140,000, of which we have $70,000 pledged as a matching grant. In the exciting event of having more funds arrive than anticipated the remainder will go toward other school upgrade projects.

We have been blessed with a gift that can get the project started, but we will have a shortfall.  To meet this, Capernwray Director, Peter Bichan (PB), has volunteered to undertake a fundraising bike ride the length of NZ.  Starting at Cape Reinga and winding his way through the country using highways, gravel roads & mountain bike tracks, PB will make his way to Bluff at the bottom of the South Island. This 3000km jaunt is planned to take under 30 days and about 6kg off his body weight!

Capernwray Kitchen Plans | Fundraising cycle ride the length of NZ
Capernwray Kitchen Storage
New Kitchen Plans for Capernwray