What 3000kms looks like

Some statistics to get an idea of the trip.

Distance to travel: 3000km = 1864 miles
Total altitude gained: 35,000m = 114,829 feet (Over 4x the height of Mt Everest)

I've included a short list of comparable distances to help illustrate the idea that this is a lengthy ride...

  • Vancouver, BC, Canada to Thunder Bay, ON, Canada (by Lake Superior) = 3,004km
  • Bellingham, WA, USA to Tucson, AR = 2,816km
  • New York City to San Antonio = 2,816km
  • Stockholm, Sweden to Rome, Italy = 2,704 km
  • Land’s End, UK to John O Groats = 1,347 km ... turn around head back to Brighton = 2,555km.
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