The Start of PB's 3000 is here!

In the morning I will be starting from the lighthouse at Cape Reinga about 7.30am. From there the ride is 103km with the last 80km being on 90 Mile beach. Wind, tide, sun and speeding vehicles are the environmental factors I need to consider. The sand is hard 3 hours before; 4 hours after low tide so if the predicted head wind is light I should make my destination after lunch. I need to be off the beach by 3pm.

I will meet Glenys in Ahipara for the first night and after all the sand I'll need to maintain my bike. 

I've enjoyed the trip planning and bike prep and mostly enjoyed the training.

What was a vague idea 4 months ago, is coming to fruition. 

This epic ride is not just me – these people more have been instrumental in making it happen:

  • Glenys for her initial idea, encouragement & on-going support (pictured above with me, in the Far North with pre-ride day Paua Pie Fuel).
  • Leo who committed to the first sponsorship when I was just putting the idea out to close friends. I couldn't back out then….
  • Nat her company Magic Fingers Graphics; who has done the web design, had great marketing ideas, blog editor, friend & great host in the Far North.
  • Corban, Mike & Adam who have made the trip possible by making sure I have good gear.
  • Glenn & the other Capernwray staff who are a huge support and will keep the place ticking over and provide support as needed.
  • There are also many others who have contributed training ideas, gear; their experience and sponsorship. 

Thank you!

I do wonder what will happen over the next 4 weeks, the people I'll meet, the pies I'll eat and how this 59 year old body will handle it.

If you are the praying kind, think of me particularly for safety but also for good and meaningful conversations with those I meet along the way. 

Here we go…

Don't forget, you can follow my journey on the map here>