Day 4: Paparoa to West Auckland

156km travelled with 2579m ascended.

The early start I hoped for was postponed somewhat as I shared a room with some enthusiastic mosquitoes who kept me awake while they looked for a feed. I doubt they found me satisfying but it didn't stop them trying. 

The day was broken into good sized distances between towns. The first up was Maungaturoto,  but due to a recent visit by a covid infected person I rolled on by. I did spot the interesting sign in a paddock and wondered when Jesus was there.

The route I'm on goes along way around as the Kaipara harbour is large with many side arms that aren't bridged. But the hill top give great views.

Kaipara Harbour, Northland \ PB cycles the length of New Zealand to raise funds for Capernwray

Second breakfast consisted of a pie and iced coffee. Despite the pie scoring only 6/10 it was a highlight for this section as I was on State Highway 1 with many vehicles passing way too close.

A kiwi Mackenzie Pie and iced coffee to fuel the ride as a second breakfast

At the 44km mark I turned onto very pleasant back roads. As can be seen by those who follow me on Strava, it was also very hilly. Not huge but some very steep. What goes up usually comes down (ozone is an exception) so good downhills followed.

The day was heating up and I was getting through my water. Small actions can mean so much and 2 people kindly filled my bottles, one with iced water. We call them 'trail angels'.

7% down.....

As I closed in on West Auckland the roads got busier & deteriorated meaning less distance to a lone cyclist trying not to fall off the edge.

A highlight of the day was passing the wedding venue where my son Tyler & Sarah got married 5 years ago.With such a long time on my own today I managed to sort a sermon outline, the second of a series from Malachi.

The ride finished with a wrong turn but soon put right. Tyler met me by the bike trail to take me home to catch up with Sarah & Lucas. A great finish to the day.

Bridgewater Estate - where my son got married 5 years earlier